What is Polyflip?

Polyflip is a decentralized betting platform powered by Polygon Network and Chainlink. Unlike traditional casinos that operate in black boxes, Polyflip runs on smart contracts that are fair, transparent and immutable. The platform provides a low-cost and fast gaming experience through the combination of both traditional core game and blockchain mechanics.

How do you ensure the randomness of the results?

Polyflip smart contract communicates with an off-chain service powered by Chainlink which ensures the randomness of the results and prevents the system from being exploited and hacked. For more info, read our Medium here.

Why should I play on Polyflip?

  • Provably fair: Unlike traditional casinos that run on black boxes. Polyflip games run on smart contracts that are transparent and immutable. Provably random numbers are generated by Chainlink VRF to settle bet outcomes.

  • Non-custodial: No deposit, no KYC, no sign-up. Players hold funds in their own wallets. The game contract is programmed to only accept bets that it can afford to payout.

  • High speed: Polyflip is built on Polygon network with fast settlement times and low transaction fees.

  • Instant payouts: after you bet and Chainlink VRF generates the random number, the payout is automatically sent to your crypto wallet.

  • Open-source: our smart contracts can be verified on Polygonscan.

Which token is accepted on the platform?

You can use your $MATIC.

How do I get my winnings?

Bets will be settled 10 blocks (~20 seconds) after your bet transaction is included on the blockchain.

Prizes will be sent automatically to your wallet address if you have won the bet.

To check your winnings:

  1. Go to your wallet address on Polygonscan.com.

  2. Click on "Internal Txns" and you will see your winnings sent to your wallet address

How do I check if I have won the game?

Players can check whether they have won in the "My bets" panel, which shows the results of recent bets, by looking for their wallet address.

Alternatively, players can go to Polygonscan page of the game contract, key in their bet ID in "bets" and select "Query".

How do I check my Bet ID?

Players can get their Bet ID from the "My bets" panel.

Alternatively, players can check using Polygonscan block explorer:

  1. Go to your bet transaction on Polygonscan

  2. Go to Logs

3. Look for the log named "BetSettled".

Your bet ID can be found in Topic #1:

Why my bet is not shown immediately in Live bets?

Each bet is registered after 100 confirmation blocks to decrease the probability of blocks rearrangement.

Why I won the bet but the payout is not showing up in my wallet?

Players can check whether they have won in the "My bets" panel, which shows the results of recent bets, by looking for their wallet address. If the UI shows a winning bet but the payout is not appearing in your wallet, your transaction might be affected by Polygon block rearrangement, which means that Polygon blockchain has overwritten the blocks of your transaction giving a new outcome. This means that the UI received the wrong information from the blockchain, before the block rearrangement. This event may happen also on the other way round, passing from a loosing bet to a winning bet. For more info about the block rearrangement issue, check out Polygon official communication here: https://forum.polygon.technology/t/investigating-reorg-and-rpc-issues-on-polygon-pos/2190

What is the "MaxProfit violation" error on my transaction?

The "MaxProfit violation" error means that the house doesn't have enough money to pay your potential win. This might happen when there are many pending bets waiting for their outcomes. You can wait few seconds and try again.

Why Polygon Blockchain?

Polygon is a blockchain scalability platform and framework for connecting and building blockchain networks compatible with Ethereum. The network also refers to itself as β€œEthereum’s internet of blockchains” because one of Polygon’s main missions is aggregating scalable solutions to support a multichain Ethereum ecosystem.

The Polygon network is Ethereum-native, aligned to be interoperable with all of Ethereum’s existing and even future infrastructures while offering a framework for its interoperability with other layer-2 solutions, sidechains and sovereign blockchains.

The solutions presented by Polygon allow to solve some of the most pressing issues of Ethereum, ensuring low gas fees, high transaction throughput and consequently an excellent user experience.

These three features are the key for the success of Polyflip and for the best game experience.

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