⛓️Polygon Blockchain

Why Polygon Blockchain?

Polygon is a blockchain scalability platform and framework for connecting and building blockchain networks compatible with Ethereum. The network also refers to itself as β€œEthereum’s internet of blockchains” because one of Polygon’s main missions is aggregating scalable solutions to support a multichain Ethereum ecosystem.

The Polygon network is Ethereum-native, aligned to be interoperable with all of Ethereum’s existing and even future infrastructures while offering a framework for its interoperability with other layer-2 solutions, sidechains and sovereign blockchains.

The solutions presented by Polygon allow to solve some of the most pressing issues of Ethereum, ensuring low gas fees, high transaction throughput and consequently an excellent user experience.

These three features are the key for the success of Polyflip and for the best game experience.

It's one of the best EVM chains for a Dapp like Polyflip.

Swap Tokens on Polygon

You can swap your Polygon tokens for MATIC on the main DEX for this chain:

Bridging Assets from Ethereum blockchain to Polygon

In case you came from Ethereum blockchain, you can bridge your ETH to Polygon through these protocols:

Otherwise you can can get the same results through OpenSea, consulting this guide:

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