📈Our Vision

In this section we want to clarify some aspects of the project and our vision of what this project will be in the next months.


Yes, this is a long term project. By investing in Polyflip you are not only investing in an NFT project, you are investing in an idea that has the aim to constantly grow and bring value to their investors, together with their investors. Yes, our holders will be part of all the strategic decisions we will take in the next months from the choice of the new games to the issue of a platform token, from the expansion to new chains to the development of the platform in new sectors. All this can't be done in one day, but has to be built day by day with a constant and organic growth.


Our strategy is based on different pillars, all equally important, that we believe can bring this project in the first positions of gambling DAPP.

  • The first pillar is the community. The decision to launch an NFT project as support for the decentralized platform has exactly the scope to create a community of 400-500 people, friends that will grow together with our Decentralized Autonomous Organization whose main targets will be: - have a strong and recognizible brand - collaborate with other DAOs - get investment opportunity in other NFTs projects for the members.

  • The second one is marketing. Being listed on Opensea is a huge advantage with respect to our competitors considering the billions of dollars monthly exchanged and the number of users on the platform. On top of that we will invest our own money to an organic and continous marketing campaign that is totally missing in any other project like this on Polygon chain. Our target is to reach 100 daily unique users by Q3 this year that would bring us in the top positions of the most used gambling DAPP on Polygon.

  • The third one is innovation. We created a smart contract that is totally fexible and updatable, in the spirit of constant innovation that we will bring in the market and that is currently missing in all our competitors (i.e. sports betting is one possibility we could discuss with our DAO).

  • The fourth one is the brand identity. Dropping our NFT collection allows us to create value around our brand and our exclusive group of people who holds part of it. This strongly links with the marketing strategy but it's not limited to it and it will depend mainly on the strenght of our DAO.

  • The fifth one is the expansion. By Q3 this year we are planning to open the platform also to Binance Smart Chain that could bring to a lot of new users for which our platform will be really competitive with respect to what is currently present in that market.

  • The sixth one is the scarcity. We are open to discuss with our DAO any mechanism that can bring to a burning of a certain amount of NFTs without compromising our community. This will increase the value of the NFT itself and on the other end will increase the weekly reward received per NFT.

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