🎲Dice Guide

2. Click on β€œDice”

3. Choose the currency you want to bet

You can choose $MATIC. $ETH and many other tokens coming soon!

4. Choose the amount you want to bet

You can type the correct amount in the black box, use the +/- buttons on the sides or the helping buttons below.

5. Choose your dice numbers on the board

The users have to possibility to select 1 or more die faces up to 6. The more the number of faces chosen, the higher the possibility to win but the lower the multiplier.

To win, the face of the die in the result has to correspond to one of the die faces chosen.

6. Click on "Bet" and confirm the transaction on Metamask

The system already sets a minimum GWEI taking into account the actual GWEI of the blockchain in order to maximize the speed of the transaction and improve the user experience.

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