Holder's reward distribution

As a Polyflip NFT Holder, you will get an exclusive reward based on Polyflip games profit. Only a total of 1000 Polyflip NFTs will be sold and will ever exist.
Every bet transaction placed on the website will have a fee retained in order to make the protocol sustainable. The profits are calculated monthly, directly on-chain, considering the difference between the all the tokens played during the month and the tokens won during the same month, between the two blocks of the rewards distribution.
For example, if on the 1st of May the house starts with 30,000 MATIC and on the 1st of June there are 40,000 MATIC, the positive difference, in this case 10,000 MATIC, will be distributed according to the following shares:
  • 40% distributed to holders and 40% kept in the house until the house reaches 80,000 MATIC balance; 20% goes for marketing;
  • 50% distributed to holders 30% kept in the house until the house reaches 100,000 MATIC balance; 20% goes for marketing;
  • 55% distributed to holders and 25% kept in the house above 100,000 MATIC balance in the house; 20% goes for marketing;
Due to the ERC-20 token integration, the logic of distribution will follow the following rules:
  • The profit is calculated automatically by the contract for each treasury house (therefore we will have a profit in MATIC, a profit in WETH, a profit in USDC, a profic in the token X).
  • only the positive profits will be taken into account for the final distribution (for example, if the profit in MATIC is positive, the profit in WETH is negative and the profit in USDC is positive, only the profit in MATIC and in USDC is distributed subtracting the corresponding loss of WETH).
  • we will distribute only MATIC --> the ERC-20 tokens profit is converted using Chainlink price feed in MATIC therefore in the example above you will get the profit of the MATIC treasury plus the profit of the USDC treasury converted in MATIC minus the loss of the WETH treasury converted in MATIC. This is done to increase more quickly the ERC-20 tokens treasuries and have a better balance to the different currencies. We will then balance the treasuries such that the MATIC treasury will not decrease too much over the time.

How to be eligible?

The rewards:
  • will be distributed monthly, at the beginning of the month.
  • will be claimable on a dedicated section on our website.
All the holders at the time of the rewards distribution are eligible.